Misunderstood: How to get an entire organization to understand product marketing and value what you do.

Applying common product marketing principles, this book is the only armor you need to ensure internal stakeholders just get the role - and value it.

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    Product Marketing Alliance

    Elevating the role of product marketing

    Why this topic?

    Whatever country you're in, customers you serve and products you sell, we've learned there's one universal pain-point in product marketing: people just don't understand the value of the role.

    But we're on a mission to put an end to that. Reversing the roles and using industry-wide PMM principles - like positioning, research and customer segmentation, this book unravels how you can elevate the role of product marketing in your company.

    What can I expect?

    We spoke to members of the C-suite to learn what makes them tick and using our findings, packed every page full of practical action plans, case studies, tools and tips on how you can illustrate your role and reinforce its value in every conversation, campaign, meeting and email.

    You know product marketing works for customers. It's time you applied the tricks of your trade to benefit you.